LAFAYETTE, La. (KPEL News) - As human beings, we can be a dirty lot. While most people take a bath or shower each day that doesn't prevent all bacteria and microorganisms from living in and on our bodies.

Scientists for years believed that we had ten times as many bacteria and microorganisms in and on our bodies, but later research shows that number is off.

In reality, according to the journal "Nature" the typical person has about 39 trillion bacteria and about 30 trillion cells. Officials go on to say that number can vary from person to person, widely. You can have half of those bacteria numbers or twice as many.

Water Bottle
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But what about the beloved water bottle? Millions of people drag around a water bottle daily. Have you ever thought about how dirty they might be?

People going to work out, people out running errands, or people heading to work, it seems like everyone is carrying some sort of water bottle these days.

Most people grab a water bottle, and think, hey it's only water, I can wait a couple of days to clean it. But if you're not thoroughly cleaning it each day you are opening yourself up to germs and sickness.

According to a study from not cleaning your water bottle each day because it's just water, isn't a sound theory. They found that using a reusable water bottle without cleaning it makes them dirtier than a toilet seat. Yep, that's right, the water bottle you use for several days without washing it can have more bacteria and pathogens, like E. Coli bacteria than your toilet seat.

There are some nasty things that can stay in your cup, the lid, the inside ring on the lid of a water bottle along with germs on the outside from things you have touched before you pick up the bottle.

How Germy Are These Bottles/Cups?

The study found "reusable bottles can harbor 40,000 times more bacteria than the average toilet seat. All of these germs can make you sick! You can end up having to sit ON A TOILET SEAT!

What Are Some Cleaning Tips?

And what about our children?

At the end of the day, I know that looking into this topic made me realize I need to wash my water cup each day. I have to be honest, I would only wash it with soap every three days because I was thinking, "It's water, what could happen", well now I know.

I sure hope this information helps you, and most importantly, prevents you from having to spend any "extra time" with your toilet.

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