Youngsville On Ice, the much-loved winter wonderland experience sponsored by LUS Fiber, has announced a special opening on Christmas Day. While the ice rink had to close on Christmas Eve, December 24th, due to torrential rain, the organizers have planned limited but exclusive hours for Christmas Day.

Youngsville On Ice, known for its frozen ice rink and a host of festive activities, has become a seasonal staple in the area, drawing visitors from all over Lafayette and the Acadiana area.

While the ice rink will be the star attraction on Christmas Day, visitors should note that other activities on the site will be significantly limited. However, this doesn't dampen the holiday spirit, as the opportunity to glide on the ice on this special day adds an extra layer of magic to the Christmas celebrations.

For those who had tickets for December 24th, there’s good news. Youngsville On Ice has confirmed that these tickets will be honored for all remaining days of the event, ensuring that no one misses out on the winter fun. This gesture is a testament to Social Entertainment's commitment to providing a joyful and accommodating experience for all its visitors.

The organizers encourage everyone to check the updated holiday hours for this week at Youngsville On Ice by visiting their website at With the website providing the most current information, guests can plan their visit to make the most of their Christmas holiday.

Whether you’re a skating enthusiast or simply looking for a special way to spend Christmas, Youngsville On Ice is the place to be this holiday season.

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