We have all heard horror stories of airlines losing people's luggage while traveling, or maybe it's even happened to you. Nothing is worse than traveling hours away from home just to discover all of your belongings never made it to your destination.

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One Spirit Airlines passenger waited at baggage claim for her pink hard-shell suitcase that she checked before her flight. However, it never came around on the carousel at the Fort Lauderdale airport terminal.

Paola Garcia told Local 10 that she waited for at least two hours because she needed her computer for school. The airline told her that her luggage was going to be delivered to her house the next morning; however, her Apple Watch that was in that luggage was showing it at a house in Fort Lauderdale.

Determined to complete her test she headed to the address to retrieve her laptop at the very least. When Garcia arrived she says she say suitcases all over. Immedetely she took out her phone and video the property and called 911.

The first thing the police told me was like, ‘What are you doing here?' This is so dangerous for you to be here

Following the 911 call the Broward Sheriff's Office arrived at the address and found Junior Bazile who worked for a retail store at the airport. After confirming that he was working the day her suitcase went missing, they found security footage of him going through Garcia's suitcase in the back of the store at the airport.

PEOPLE confirmed that Bazile was arrested and charged with theft after finding a stolen Apple MacBook, iPad, Apple Watch, jewelry, high-end women’s clothing, toiletries, and a suitcase.

Might not be a bad idea to put a tracking device in your suitcase the next time you fly, just to be safe.

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