We always love to share wholesome content when we can, and this viral video of a toddler being reunited with his best friend, his PaPa, at the Lafayette Airport made us smile from ear to ear. Sandra Lemoine captured the video of her husband, Terrell Lemoine, and her grandson Bennett age 3, and shared it on her "very unpopular TikTok page, not expecting anyone to watch it".

In 24 hours the video has gone viral online with over 4.5 million views and 15 thousand-plus shares. After watching this adorable 10-second video a few dozen times we reached out to Sandra to hear the full story behind this viral video.

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The Story Behind The Viral Video

Sandra's husband, Terrell, works overseas in Dubai and is gone for months at a time. Usually, he flies in super late so she typically picks him up alone but on this particular evening, Sunday, July 23rd, his flight was scheduled to land earlier so Bennett's parents, Brett and Brooke Chelette, decided to surprise him at the airport and drove an hour and a half for this special surprise.

They were barely able to contain Bennett and his excitement, she said "he was so anxious, we could barely keep him still while we were waiting". He kept asking "Where's Papa?" and "Papas on the airplane?" but Sandra said they did their best to keep him entertained.

Once the passengers began disembarking the airplane they had to hold him back, and eventually he broke loose and took off screaming "Im coming PaPa!". She continued "All of our hearts melted and everyone in the airport almost in unison said AWW!"

Bennett was carried outside by his PaPa where they all visited for a few minutes and then went their separate ways not thinking for a second that they had just captured a viral moment that would soon touch the hearts of millions online.

Sandra Lemoine
Sandra Lemoine

What People Would Never Know About 3-Year-Old Bennett

This wholesome moment actually holds even more significance than just going viral online. Bennett has been working with a speech therapist and even learning sign language, so for them to hear his sweet voice say "I'm coming PaPa" was "music to our ears" according to Sandra.

 All of the people who have like, loved, followed and commented on this short sweet video have made our entire family excited and happy. And for me, it has been such a sweet experience. My faith in humanity has been restored. We see a lot of negative things and people on the news and on social media but 4.6 million people have taken 10 seconds to watch JOY and are loving on the sweet innocence of pure love from a 3  year old boy that we call our B-Man and his best friend we call Papa. My heart is full.


Sandra Lemoine
Sandra Lemoine

Watch The Viral Video Here:

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