This is good to know.

Eryn McBride posted several photos on social media that show these pink "things" from the Broussard Sports Complex.

These pink clusters are eggs and are extremely toxic. Apple Snails can pose a danger to you and/or your pets if you come into contact with them.

According to the state Wildlife and Fisheries website, "People should also avoid handling the egg clusters as they may contain a neurotoxin that irritates the eyes and skin."

Eryn McBride
Eryn McBride

Many of us are getting out in the yard and parks as the weather warms up, thus that is why we are sharing this bit of important information with you.

While these Apple Snails were spotted in Broussard, La. at the sports complex, you should always keep an eye out for them if you're out and about this Spring.

For more on the dangers of Apple Snails, click HERE.


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