In August of 2023 we reported that the Lafayette staple Pete's restaurant and sports bar was engulfed in flames due to a grease fire. Later that week they announced they would be using this time as an opportunity to fast track their already planned restaurant upgrades and would be back better than ever.

Now close to seven months of rebuilding and revamping later, Pete's is almost ready to welcome the Lafayette community back into their legendary space. We has the pleasure of sitting down with the general manager Clare Mayo to learn more about what's been going on behind the scenes since the fire.

Join the Pete's Team

In a Facebook Pete's announced that they are now looking for team members. If you are interested you can email your resume to or stop by the restaurant Monday through Friday between 8-10am or 1-3pm.

Behind the Scenes at Pete's

The community has been anxiously waiting to know how the remodeling process has been going and what upgrades were made. We got the inside scoop from Clare Mayo who shared that the entire restaurant got a head to toe makeover. Customers can expect a more upscale aesthetic plus a new private dining suite fans of Pete's are sure to love. Not only is the décor refined, they are taking their beverage offerings to a whole new level with a brand new new cocktail menu, frozen drinks, beers and Tito's cocktails on tap just to name a few.

Locals know that Pete's isn't just know for being the perfect place to catch a game and grab a drink, Pete's also takes their food offerings seriously. Clare Mayo shared that the food will be just as delicious as before but more customizable for the guests and they added pizza which is sure to be a hit for Lafayette families.

Pete's has left no stone unturned and Clare, and her team, are excited to serve Lafayette once again. As expected the question on everyone's mind is "when will Pete's reopen?". Clare shares all the details she can and more in her full interview below.


Full Interview Clare Mayo the General Manager at Pete's Lafayette

How has the rebuilding/remodeling process been? Do you think the community is going to be excited about the changes that were made?

Clare: "It’s been an exciting time for us! We’ve been fortunate to work with great crews and are proud of what the outcome will be. Our team has really gone above and beyond with an elevated aesthetic and keen attention-to-detail. The décor is upscale, yet comfortable—plus, every seat has a great view of multiple TVs. And we’ve added a live-sports ticker tape in the bar area. We have an amazing new private dining suite that will be perfect for all types of events—from private-viewing parties for games to corporate team-building or business meetings. The community has already been so supportive, and seems very excited—which is awesome and greatly appreciated. I can guarantee that we will WOW them!"

Any new menu or drink items you are excited about?

Clare: "We are rolling out a new signature cocktail menu. We just demoed it to the bar staff and they were all stoked! We will also have 3 frozen drinks, 9 beers on tap, 5 of which we will rotate regularly,  plus 3 Tito’s cocktails on tap. We’re rolling out a new half-bottle wine program that I think is really fun! We’ll also have a fully-stocked bar along with bottled/canned beers and seltzers. The food menu is gonna be as delicious as before—I think what people will enjoy is we’ve made it more customizable for the guest. Any of our salads can be converted into wraps, our burgers into salads, etc. We’ve also added pizza! Our goal is to make it inviting and something for everyone."

The Million Dollar Question, When Will Pete's Reopen?
Clare:  We will have more updates regarding that in the next few weeks, but I can tell you, it won’t be long! Stay tuned! We are still hiring, so please spread the word or come to apply! You can email your resume to me at or stop by the restaurant M-F between 8-10am or 1-3pm.

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