Parish Biscuit Co. has announced it will be opening soon in Lafayette’s historic Oil Center, promising an exciting and unique spin on traditional southern Louisiana cuisine.

Located at 1120 Coolidge Street Suite A, Parish Biscuit Co. will take over the space that formerly housed Chicken Salad Chick. Based on public comments on their Facebook page, the restaurant is eagerly anticipated to open its doors to the public within the next couple of weeks.

A Celebration of Southern Flavors

Parish Biscuit Co. aims to add to Lafayette's dining scene with its inventive and adventurous biscuit combinations. The establishment “strongly believes in the power of exceptional cuisine to bring joy and satisfaction,” according to a statement on its official website. Their menu will offer everything from classic biscuits and gravy to innovative sandwiches, salads, and other mouthwatering sides.

Whether you're rushing to work or gathering for a leisurely brunch, Parish Biscuit Co. caters to all culinary desires, according to their website. Located conveniently in Lafayette's Oil Center, Parish Biscuit Co. aims to be the go-to destination for a delectable dining experience.

The Centerpiece: Biscuits Like You've Never Had Before

With biscuits as the star of its menu, the restaurant invites patrons to "embark on a culinary journey like no other." Whether smothered in savory gravy, crammed with crispy bacon and eggs, or topped with regional favorites like crawfish étouffée, the restaurant guarantees an unparalleled biscuit experience.

And it’s not just about biscuits. The menu will also feature a diverse selection of breakfast, brunch, and lunch options, including classic Southern staples like shrimp and grits.

More Than Just a Restaurant

Beyond its exceptional food offerings, Parish Biscuit Co. is set to become Lafayette’s premier destination for breakfast, brunch, and lunch. The restaurant will also offer catering services and host private events, making it a versatile locale for any occasion.

Get a Sneak Peek

If you can't wait to try out their mouthwatering offerings, here's some exciting news. Parish Biscuit Co. has partnered with Developing Lafayette for an exclusive preview.

According to a recent Facebook post, three lucky winners will be chosen for a private tasting event on September 9th and 10th. Those interested can enter the giveaway by subscribing via the link provided above on Developing Lafayette’s official page.

Almost "Go" Time

As the community eagerly awaits the opening, Parish Biscuit Co. is making its final preparations, promising to deliver an "unforgettable culinary experience that pays homage to the rich traditions and flavors of the region."

For those who wish to stay updated, more information and menu details are available on their official website. They are also active on Facebook, providing timely updates as the grand opening approaches.

Stay tuned as Lafayette prepares to welcome its newest culinary addition, one biscuit at a time.

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