In a scene that could only unfold in the heart of the French Quarter, a viral video shows the ultimate display of resourcefulness during an impromptu moment that could easily qualify as the most NOLA thing ever.

As the Joan of Arc parade, full of vibrant colors and energy, wove its way through the streets, a small hiccup occurred on Chartres Street, not far from St. Phillip Street. A New Orleans Police Department motorcycle, leading the procession, suddenly caught fire, causing quite a stir among crowds that were gathered nearby.

The initial reaction? A bit of understandable scattering. But this being New Orleans, the crowd's retreat was short-lived. Thanks to a resourceful group of parade-goers, the situation quickly turned around. A video now circulating on Facebook showcases this impromptu action. Parade attendees, in true NOLA fashion, began dousing the flames with whatever was on hand – which, in this case, seemed to include a mix of adult beverages and, yes, even gutter water.

In a humorous yet heroic twist, bystanders quickly formed a makeshift "bucket brigade." While some used their drinks in an attempt to quell the flames, others went for puddle water, scooping it up with whatever small cups they could find. The fire's final demise came at the hands of a quick-thinking individual, who, per eyewitness accounts, appeared with a fire extinguisher – likely borrowed from a nearby restaurant – to put out the fire for good.

Among the voices in the video, one declared the volunteer firefighters a "bucket brigade," while another humorously swore off-putting hands in French Quarter water.

Of course, we're talking New Orleans here, so the parade resumed within minutes, rolling on as if nothing had happened.

In a city known for its resilience and reputation for partying, this viral moment is quite a sight to see, but is anyone familiar with New Orleans actually surprised?

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