A Louisiana woman has taken to Facebook in a desperate search for a piece of her late father's legacy—a cherished LSU jacket mistakenly donated to a Goodwill store in Denham Springs. According to a Facebook post by Carrie Gagliano, the jacket symbolizes a connection to her father, Michael Vincent "Bubba" Gagliano, who passed away on February 4, 2024, at the age of 75.

According to Gagliano in a sit down with Unfiltered with Kiran, Bubba cherished this jacket for over two decades, linking it to his time at LSU in the 60s, his involvement with the LSU band, and the Court Jesters, a group he helped start for LSU basketball games. Despite being drafted into the Vietnam War, Bubba's commitment to LSU and its band remained a significant part of his life.

Bubba, a respected Sargent in the United States Air Force and a proud member of the Kappa Kappa Psi Fraternity was known for his love of marathon running, his participation in LSU Band Alumni events, and his unwavering support for the Tiger Football team. After serving as a Sgt. in the United States Air Force, Bubba joined the Baton Rouge Police Department, where he was "remembered for his kindness."

But beyond his achievements and hobbies, Michael was a devoted "Popie" to his grandchildren, leaving behind a legacy of love and passion that is deeply missed by his family in the wake of his passing.

According to Gagliano, the LSU jacket was inadvertently donated to the Goodwill in Denham Springs by the nursing home where Michael had resided. Carrie discovered the jacket was missing while clearing out Bubba's nursing home room. In a comment on her Facebook post, Carrie says the jacket was likely donated before her father even died, raising even more questions about the incident.

A Goodwill employee informed her that the jacket, due to its uniqueness, likely sold quickly after being put up for sale. This jacket wasn't just another piece of clothing or Tiger merch found at any given box store; it was custom-made and deeply personal, representing Bubba's lasting legacy at LSU.

Carrie's appeal for the jacket's return is straightforward: it's a plea to help recover a piece of her father's history. She has taken to Facebook (above) and provided an email for tips, offering to pay for the jacket's return.

Clearly, this effort to find Bubba's LSU jacket is more than just finding a lost item; it's about holding onto a piece of a loved one through something that was near, dear, and one of a kind. The Gagliano family is reaching out to anyone who might have bought or seen the jacket, hoping to get it back and keep Bubba's memory alive.

Share this story in hopes of getting the word out and having Mr. Bubba's jacket back home with his family where it belongs.

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