A Baton Rouge, Louisiana, woman has been dealing with a pretty strange repeated theft issue since March of this year.

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At some point, every neighborhood deals with petty theft. It's annoying and, unfortunately, pretty common. Typically, bikes are stolen from carports, or vehicles are broken into. Sometimes the motive is to find items that can easily be sold at a pawn shop. So if you're missing a weed eater or a bike, check your closest pawn shop.

With that being said Jennifer Freeman has been a repeated victim of a very odd petty theft. Thieves have been stealing her trashcan. As a matter of fact, her trash can has been stolen three times since she moved into her house six months ago.

The most recent incident took place last Wednesday, which is trash day for her neighborhood. She put her trashcan at the end of her driveway and then discovered that afternoon that it had been stolen, again.

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Luckily Freeman has video evidence of the repeated trashcan thefts where on separate occasions thieves can be seen placing items into the empty bin and taking off with it. In a video captured on Wednesday you can see a man open her trashcan and place two cases of Budweiser beer into her empty can and casually stroll off down the street with it.

Baton Rouge Woman Puts Tracker On Trashcan

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In security footage from March, three men are seen placing what looks like shoe boxes into her empty trash bin and taking off with them. Somebody should tell them a backpack is way more efficient, not to mention more sanitary. After this particular incident, Freeman purchased tracking tags for, yep, you guessed it, her poor trash can.

It's aggravating, out of all the things in the world to steal a nasty, filthy, dirty trashcan

As Freeman knows all too well, getting a new trash can is no simple feat. She tells WBRZ that you have to call the police and get a file number, call 311, and then they will issue you another trash bin; otherwise, you have to pay for it.

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Thanks to her tracking device, she was able to tell police that her stolen trashcan was just a few blocks away from her home. The stolen bin was spray-painted to cover her house number. Her new trashcan arrived this past weekend and has been identified with her house number and a tracking tag, just incase someone steals it for a fourth time.

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