The highly anticipated openings of Dave & Buster’s and Topgolf in Lafayette are drawing nearer, with both establishments set to start operations by the end of this year, promising a significant boost to the local job market.

For years, residents have basically begged for these major entertainment brands to break ground in Lafayette and it's crazy to think that we're almost there.

According to Ben Powers of Developing Lafayette, who has been closely monitoring the construction sites near Costco at Ambassador Caffery and Kaliste Saloom, Dave & Buster’s is on track to open its doors on November 27th. Not far behind, Topgolf is aiming for an early December launch.

The Lafayette Economic Development Authority (LEDA) has been instrumental in these developments. Mandi Mitchell, the president and CEO of LEDA, emphasized earlier this year the importance of family recreation and entertainment to the community. Now, the tangible benefits are evident through the surge in job opportunities.

Mitchell expressed her excitement, stating, "As part of LEDA’s new strategic plan in which we’ve elevated quality of life in Lafayette Parish as a key focus, we are prioritizing family recreation and entertainment. In addition to creating hundreds of jobs, venues such as Topgolf and Dave and Busters will provide high-quality entertainment options for residents and will contribute to the community’s ability to attract and retain young people and families to live and work in Lafayette and Acadiana."

Topgolf Lafayette, located in the Ambassador Town Center, is not only set to offer a unique golfing experience with 60 outdoor climate-controlled hitting bays but is also looking to hire approximately 300 staff members. Jessica Archangel, the newly appointed Sous Chef at Topgolf Lafayette, took to Facebook, urging potential applicants to seize the opportunity. She emphasized the company's commitment to its employees and highlighted the need for around 60 kitchen staff.

On the other hand, Dave & Buster’s, located at 201 Spring Farm Road, boasts a sprawling 22,000 square-foot space. The venue promises over 100 arcade games, a gourmet food menu, and an advanced sports bar with a 40-foot high-definition TV screen. With its grand opening approaching, Dave & Buster’s is actively recruiting, aiming to fill 160 positions, ranging from servers and bartenders to game techs, according to our KPEL News team.

Jeremy Lynch, General Manager of Dave & Buster’s Lafayette, expressed his enthusiasm, stating, “As Lafayette’s newest entertainment attraction, Dave & Buster’s provides its employees a unique, fun-filled work environment, working alongside passionate teammates.”

Both companies are actively seeking applicants, and those interested can apply online via their respective career portals via the information provided above.

With these major establishments soon to be part of Lafayette's entertainment landscape, the city is poised for a vibrant end to the year, offering both leisure and employment opportunities for its residents.

Oh, and traffic. A lot of fun—but also traffic.

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