Jimmy Graham, the legendary New Orleans Saints tight end, seems set to leave the team (for a second time) after completing his one-year contract. Known for his impactful presence and a fan favorite, Graham's departure marks the end of his latest stint with the Saints. His farewell was hinted at in a social media post where he shared a photo from an aircraft's cockpit, thanking New Orleans for its support.

Graham's return to the Saints on a $1.31 million deal was much celebrated by fans, as he had previously expressed a strong desire to play exclusively for New Orleans. During his time with the Saints, Graham showcased his skills by catching six of the seven passes thrown his way, accumulating 39 yards, and demonstrating his prowess mostly in the endzone. The 36-year-old participated in 13 games this season.

@thejimmygraham, Instagram
@thejimmygraham, Instagram

However, Graham's year was not without challenges. In mid-August, he faced legal issues after being arrested during a medical episode in southern California. This incident led him to miss a crucial game against the Los Angeles Chargers, although he returned to practice shortly afterwards.

Graham also emerged as a vocal supporter of backup quarterback Jameis Winston. He praised Winston's leadership and dedication, particularly highlighting his support during a contentious play involving Jamaal Williams against the Atlanta Falcons. Graham defended Winston, emphasizing his qualities as a teammate and leader.

Reflecting on his career with the Saints, Graham's most notable season was in 2011, where he achieved remarkable stats including 1,310 receiving yards, 99 catches, and 11 touchdowns. His departure from the team closes a significant chapter in both his career and the Saints' history.

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