In the wake of the New Orleans Saints' controversial final touchdown against the Atlanta Falcons, a surprising voice of support for Jameis Winston's decision has emerged from an unexpected source - former Atlanta Falcons player Osi Umenyiora. Amidst ongoing debates, Umenyiora’s perspective adds a new dimension to the rivalry narrative, recalling a significant 2014 Falcons-Saints game moment.

The 2014 encounter, critical for playoff positioning, saw the Saints struggling against the Falcons' defense; specifically. In the game's final moments, with the Saints desperately trailing by 9 points, Drew Brees was sacked and fumbled the ball. Umenyiora, then a Falcon, scooped the ball and scored a touchdown as time expired, adding insult to injury in a rivalry known for its intensity.

Umenyiora's recent tweet reflects his stance on the rivalry: "Ahead by nine points, with no time left, I could very easily have taken a knee or ran out of bounds. But I believe you owe it to the fans to humiliate your division rivals whenever you get the opportunity. #imjustsaying." This sentiment echoes the feelings of many Saints fans who viewed Winston's decision to score instead of kneeling as justified in the context of a heated rivalry.

While some analysts like Shannon Sharpe have criticized Winston’s action, a growing number of fans and teammates are voicing their support.

Notably, a tweet from Jimmy Graham, a former teammate of Winston, has garnered significant attention for its straightforward defense: “Get off @Jaboowins back. This man is the best teammate I’ve ever had. Loves this city, this game and embodies everything you can ask for in a leader. Was a rare situation and we all take responsibility. Nobody thought it would get blown out of proportion. Also f*ck the falcons.”

Graham’s tweet, celebrated as the "perfect response," reiterates the strong bond within the Saints locker room and just how deep this Saints-Falcons rivalry really goes.

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