Car owners in Louisiana had a rude awakening last month after filling up their car at Circle K. When you're going through the typical routine of pumping gas; chances are it never crosses your mind that the gas you are pumping could be 'bad gas.'

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Unfortunately, during Circle K's 40-cents-off promotion last month some customers ended up with water in their gas tank. Customers began complaining on social media going into Memorial Day weekend, explaining the unexpected car trouble they experienced after filling up at the Circle K located in Baton Rouge, Louisiana on Highland Road at Lee Drive.

Customers who pumped gas at this location on May 23rd could be entitled to compensation for damage caused to their vehicle from the 'bad gas'.

The car troubles experienced by some customers who purchased fuel at our store on Highland Road at Lee Drive on May 23 resulted from water that seeped into an underground storage tank following recent heavy rains in the Baton Rouge area

The company is doing its part to rectify the situation and said in a statement that it needs customers who experienced issues with their vehicles after pumping gas from its store to contact it as soon as possible.

At Circle K, we guarantee and stand by the quality of our fuels. However, issues sometimes do arise, and we ask for customers to report them to us as soon as possible so that our claims team can review them

One customer told WBRZ that her fairly new car was acting strange after she filled it up at Circle K. The following day, she knew something was wrong with her 2-year-old car.

My car started hesitating and then on Saturday morning the 'Check Engine' light came on

Stacie Nola paid $400 to fix the problem after her mechanic explained that she had pumped 'bad gas' into her car.

At this time, they are uncertain of how many people were affected; however, Circle K would like to hear from any customers who think they may be impacted by calling (800) 308-2570.

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