After rumors floated late last week about Louisiana getting its first Buc-ee's location, the deal was officially confirmed on Monday.

According to KNOE, Ruston Mayor Ronny Walker, along with the Ruston City Council, announced that the mega travel center would be building its first-ever Lousiana location in Ruston.

The announcement was made after a Ruston City Council meeting on January 9, 2023, where a vote was made on a proposal from Buc-ee's to build in Ruston.

In a press release from Ruston City Council, Mayor Ronny Walker described the proposed Buc-ee's travel center as "a landmark stop" for the Ruston community.

This is a tremendous project. We are so grateful that Buc-ee’s has decided to locate its first travel center in the state here in Ruston. The capital investment is huge and the 200+ jobs being created are extraordinary for the citizens of Ruston. We are excited to welcome Buc-ee’s to our community and look forward to their success.

The rumors surrounding Buc-ee's coming to Ruston may feel new, but according to Mayor Walker, this deal has been in the works "for years."

This project has been in the works for several years and would not be possible without our wonderful City Council members. I would also like to say thank you to the Lincoln Parish School Board, the Lincoln Parish Police Jury and the Lincoln Parish Sheriff for their partnership in this project.

As far as the direct economical impact on Ruston goes, Buc-ee's travel center will boast 53,000 square feet with 120 gas pumps—requiring "a minimum of 200 full-time jobs" to operate.

The employees will start with a pay of $16 per hour and will have full benefits, the City of Ruston said. These benefits include health insurance, three weeks of paid time off and a 401-K matching program with the company.

Ruston's Economic Development Director Jade West called the news "substantial" and something that Ruston something the community will continue to benefit from for years to come."

According to the report, the first-ever Louisiana Buc-ee's will be fully operational by 2025 with construction set to begin later this year in Ruston.

Check out more details, including the exact location of the proposed Ruston Buc-ee's location in the full story from KNOE here.

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