Another Thanksgiving holiday is upon us and with that comes the delicious tradition of Thanksgiving dinner.

From classic centerpieces like turkey, ham, and roast to highly anticipated side dishes that include (but certainly aren't limited to) stuffing, casseroles, and mac & cheese, this certain combination of Thanksgiving food only come around once a year, so there is little room for error.

Let's not lie to ourselves and act like a holiday centered around food as a symbol of us giving thanks can be anything less than perfect when it comes to the bountiful offerings that we gather around.

Jed Owen, Unsplash
Jed Owen, Unsplash

I knew I couldn't possibly be alone in my theory that everyone has at least one dish at Thanksgiving that only tastes good when prepared by a specific family member. But which Thanksgiving dish was the most crucial when it comes to being prepared by that one person?

I'm talking about that one dish that could possibly make or break your Thanksgiving meal. I posted the question on Facebook and people didn't hold back when it came to the dishes they were looking forward to from one particular family member who is the only one who can do it justice.

5. Anything involving sweet potatoes or yams

With marshmallows? Without? Are those yams candied? What's the difference between the two anyway? Every family has a different way to doing this dish (and all its variations) perfectly, so don't mess around with it unless you plan on nailing the recipe that everyone knows and loves.

4. Cornbread Dressing

This is one dish that seemed to be the most limited in terms of which family members could be trusted to pull it off. A lot of "MeMes" "MawMaws" "MeMaws" and "Aunties" were mentioned and most of the recipes were by memory only. Amazing.

3. Turkey (or Ham for that matter)

Perhaps the truest comment made in the entire thread came from a woman by the name of Katie Landry who said that if the right family member doesn't make the right dish, the entire table can be thrown out of balance thus ruining Thanksgiving altogether. As dramatic as that may sound, we don't make the rules and messing up the turkey is almost guaranteed to make that happen.

2. Rice Dressing

Just about every dish that made this top five has little to no wiggle room, but we've now reached a level where its perfection or nothing. As someone who doesn't eat ANY rice dressing unless it's prepared by my Nanny, this one resonates with me big time. Also, apparently eggplant is a must if you're preparing this dish in St. Landry Parish. Again, I don't make the rules.

1. Mac & Cheese

I have no idea when macaroni and cheese became such a staple at Thanksgiving dinner (I honestly blame social media) but the game has changed, and the bar has risen from the days of that pan of big noodle mac that you remember being served in squares. From texture, to flavor, to crust, to ooey gooey cheesiness, the mac & cheese will literally set off a Thanksgiving meal even when some of the other dishes don't rise to the occasion. Based on your replies, this is the dish that absolutely must carry this Thanksgiving and for many Thanksgiving holidays to come.

Speaking of giving thanks, I'm extra grateful for the people who spoke up and the passion behind some of these dishes. It was also pretty amazing to see the comment sections turn into a Thanksgiving dish appreciation post for those who have held it down for their familes for literal generations.

Dive in and enjoy; I promise you'll smile seeing that all of these people lean on their family members just as much as you do for this amazing foodie holiday.

I, for one, am extra thankful for the feedback and feel free to drop your dishes and shout out your people in the comments too! Show that love and enjoy your Thanksgiving holiday!

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