Louisiana knows how to throw a party and make everybody wish they were invited. But that's the thing about South Louisiana people, we don't want anyone to have FOMO so we always boil a couple extra pounds of crawfish just in case the whole block shows up.

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In this case, ' a couple extra pounds' was closer to a couple hundred. 750 pounds to be exact and the whole block did indeed show up.

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This was not your average Sunday block party, though. It was a massive Louisiana-style crawfish boil held in New York City, with the Empire State Building as the backdrop. The epic crawfish boil was hosted by the local NYC chapter of the LSU Alumni Association in front of the LSU Alum-owned Legends Bar and Grill.

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It would only be fitting that the owners of The Revelry and Mike’s in Tigerland, also proud LSU alum, prepared and boiled this massive amount of crawfish. It is safe to say they are well-versed in knowing how to throw down for droves of Tiger fans at a moment's notice.

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Video of the event made my Louisiana heart happy, seeing hundreds of people lined up on the streets of New York waiting in line, not for a hot dog or a slice of pizza, but for a couple of pounds of boiled crawfish. I would have paid money to see the reaction of local New Yorkers walking down the street and seeing ice chests full of live crawfish. Also, how did they get 750lbs of crawfish there?

Myles Laroux told Fox 8 that it was a big reunion party for LSU alums and "just another reason to celebrate and party" with their LSU friends.

It sure looked like a party, watch the video below.

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