Retail giant Walmart has been accused in court of not being "truthful" with shoppers. Many shoppers at Louisiana's 138 different Walmart locations may have noticed the practice but one shopper has finally taken the retail giant to court. And it appears as though the evidence is quite damning.

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A lawsuit filed in federal court accuses the giant retailer of deceptive practices when it comes to pricing. The suit alleges that Walmart is using "bait and switch" practices that cause customers to spend more than what the advertised price suggested.

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The suit alleges that the price posted on Walmart shelves is not the same price that is entered into the company's pricing computers at the checkout stand. Granted the difference in the "shelf price" versus the "checkout price" is usually very small, but it can still add up depending on the number of items purchased.

Louisiana shoppers are being advised to make a note of the price that is posted on the shelf where they added the item to their shopping cart. You are then asked to double-check your receipt at checkout. If the price that was advertised on the shelf is different than the price you were charged you might have reason to join a class action lawsuit that is currently underway in federal court.

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Walmart has already been fined in many locations for this exact practice and while we have no personal confirmation the practice is happening in Louisiana there is enough circumstantial evidence that consumers should be made aware and hold the store accountable.

We should note that this lawsuit was initially dismissed by a lower court that ruled because Walmart provides a receipt for consumers to verify prices before leaving the store. However, on appeal, a federal court reversed the dismissal suggesting that consumers could easily miss price discrepancies especially if there were a number of items purchased.

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This past June Walmart agreed to pay a $1.64 million dollar settlement to resolve allegations that it engaged in unlawful pricing practices. So, there is a precedent. And while "ain't nobody got time for that" you'll need to start making time to check your receipt at Walmart. Be sure to document the shelf price and your receipt price, it could pay off later if and when this current lawsuit is resolved.

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