As the weather heats up in South Louisiana, you're bound to start coming across a snake or two. However, there is one snake in Louisiana you definitely do not want to kill.

If you kill it, you could land in some serious trouble, even prison time.

Louisiana pine snake photo courtesy USFWS. Used with permission.
Louisiana pine snake photo courtesy USFWS. Used with permission.

Is The Louisiana Pine Snake Endangered?

The Louisiana Pine snake is considered to be one of the rarest snakes in North America.

The two main reasons why the Louisiana Pine snake population has dwindled to near extinction are loss of habitat and "vehicle-caused mortality". According to Wikipedia "high traffic levels can reduce populations of large snakes by 50-75%."

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The Louisiana Pine snake can mostly be found in western parts of central Louisiana but have been seen in the more marshy, swampy areas of South Louisiana. says the Louisiana Pine snake is "pale tan with a row of large black or brown blotches down the back, and a smaller series on each side; underside whitish with obscure brown spotting; the tip of snout pointed."

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If you come across a Louisiana Pine snake, don't kill it, because it could get you in some serious trouble.

The Louisiana Pine snake is protected under the Endangered Species Act.

Of course, you always have the right to defend yourself, even against an animal on the endangered species list. However, if it is determined that you killed a Louisiana Pine snake the punishment can be pretty severe.

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"The fine for breaking the Endangered Species Act is significant. The maximum penalty is $50,000 or one year in prison. In the worst cases, you’ll face a fine and a sentence."

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