Ice cream is basically a necessity in South Louisiana. There are many fantastic options for us to choose from but, what shop in Louisiana serves up some of the best soft serve ice cream in the entire country?

best ice cream in Louisiana
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Best Ice Cream in Louisiana

Grab your spoons and let's take a delicious look at where the folks over at say we can find the best soft serve ice cream in the country.

In Billings, Montana Softies wins the ribbon for best soft serve ice cream in the state.

In Charleston, South Carolina it's Leon's Oyster Shop.

If you're taking a trip to Montgomery, Alabama, Nancy's Italian Ice is where you want to go.

How did choose the best soft serve ice cream in the U.S.?

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"Cheapism scoured reviews and rankings from ice cream-craving customers and in-the-know food writers across the U.S., and we're calling out some of the best places that do soft serve right."


Unsplash Via charlesdeluvio
Unsplash Via charlesdeluvio

When it comes to Louisiana, there's one ice cream shop that is serving up the best soft serve ice cream around according to the survey.

The honor of the shop serving up the best soft serve ice cream in Louisiana goes to Ro-Bear's Snowballs & Soft Serve in New Orleans.

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"Flavorful 'snowballs' (aka 'sno-balls' and not to be confused with snow cones) are as much a New Orleans staple as po-boys, gumbo, and beignets.

The light and fluffy shaved ice and syrups are prepared in-house at Ro-Bear's Snowballs & Soft Serve, and 60-plus flavors can be 'stuffed' with soft serve in the middle.

Order the best-selling chocolate 'stuffed' with vanilla soft serve, topped with a special condensed milk."

Ro-Bear's Snowballs & Soft Serve is located at 6869 Jefferson Highway in New Orleans.


Ro-Bears is more locally known for their snowballs, but according to the survey, they're absolutely killing it when it comes to their soft serve ice cream.

Have you ever been to Ro-Bears?


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