Countless thousands of arguments across Louisiana from Shreveport to New Orleans and Lafayette to Monroe will be settled by the time you reach the end of this article. The reason for the discourse? There seems to be a definite line of demarcation between those who believe the action of emptying one's bladder is a permissible outside activity and those who don't believe those actions should be on public display.

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Basically, we are talking about an argument that is similar to the "put the toilet seat back down discussion" that is a common conversation between men and women. Women do not believe the emptying of one's bladder should be done outside a private and controlled atmosphere. Men believe "If I gotta go, I'm gonna go".

GuysPrettyGay via YouTube
GuysPrettyGay via YouTube

It's So Much Easier For Men

The male of the species by design both anatomically and via fashion design is more suited for outside "relief" than the female of the species. If you don't understand why, you should consult your high school's health teachers, they should have covered the basics of this with you in school. And for ladies, besides the "ick factor," there is just too much clothing that needs to be re-arranged for this to be as practical as it is for men.

Men also like to find relief outside when they are doing yard work. This way they don't have to brush off their sweaty, dirty, grass-covered bodies just to use a restroom they will get yelled at for getting it dirty. It's a matter of convenience and not a social statement. And besides, you ladies help us learn to pee outside when we're young. Sure it's disgusting but it's even more disgusting in the backseat, isn't it?

WildinWiwithWes via YouTube
WildinWiwithWes via YouTube

Is It Against the Law to Pee In Your Own Backyard in Louisiana?

The answer to this question is a resounding, that depends. If your backyard is in a rural or incorporated part of the state chances are you can pee wherever and whenever as long as your neighbors can't see. It's when you start walking down to the end of the driveway and letting it fly by the mailbox, that's when you can get into trouble out in the country if you know what I mean.

In cities that are incorporated you will find your "freedoms" curtailed quite a bit. In fact, peeing in your backyard would fall under most community's "nudity standards".  If you read the statutes you will find as long as you've made a valid attempt to your backyard "private" through fences, borders, plants, hedges, and the like then what happens in your backyard stays in your backyard.

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It's when it doesn't stay in your backyard that you have an issue. There are certainly laws against public urination. There are laws against public nudity. The key word in all of those laws appears to be "public". So, as long as you're in the privacy of your secluded backyard you may kill all the flowers in the bed of your choice by going number one. If you do number two in your backyard then you really need to visit with a therapist.

Here's The Best Answer We Could Find

Can you pee in your backyard in Louisiana? Yes, but there are limits. Is it against the law? It could be. What's the punishment if you get caught? You could be listed as a sex offender. Should I just go inside if I need to pee? Yeah, probably.

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