When Louisiana travelers make their annual migration to the beaches of Lower Alabama and the Florida Panhandle you know they've all got one thought on their minds. That thought? "Do you think we'll run into Dolly Parton"? Okay, maybe that's just me who has that thought but very soon the words "beach" and "Dolly Parton" will become synonymous at one Florida Beach that is quite popular with guests from Louisiana.

Let's just say if you've visited one of Dolly's Dinner Theater locations in Myrtle Beach South Carolina or Pigeon Forge Tennessee then you have an inkling of what is about to be unleashed on the northern Gulf Coast.

Here's a sneak peek.

That's right, the Pirates Voyage Dinner and Show is coming to Panama City Florida. The PCB, which is short for Panama City Beach, location will be a 60,000-square-foot theater and restaurant. The facility will seat more than 1,000 guests and it's going to cost Dolly and her company about $60 million to construct.

The show features swashbuckling action from the high seas as Blackbeard and Calico Jack lead their forces into battle against each other. The show features a lot of physical stunts, a 15-foot lagoon, and even mermaids. And you know if Dolly is putting her name on it the action will be fast, furious, fun, and most importantly family friendly.

The menu will feature items such as Buccaneer Biscuits, Swashbucklin' Sugar-Cured Ham, Pirate Herb-Basted Potato, and Walk the Plank Specialty Desserts. And you can bet the food will be delicious and the portions plentiful.

As of now, the plans for the Pirates Voyage and Dinner show to be open for guests in 2025. The theater and restaurant are being built in Panama City Beach's Pier Park and it's supposed to create some 300 jobs.

And speaking of jobs Dolly's team will launch a nationwide talent search in mid-2024. So, if you can sing, dance, do stunts, and other pirate-like things, you might want to consider sending in a resume when the time comes.

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