Champagne's Bakery in Breaux Bridge has been serving Acadiana delicious treats for 135 years. (Yes, that's since 1888!)

And if you've ever frequented their store or know of the brand, you more than likely associate Champagne's with some amazing little morsels of goodness -- the pink cookies.

Champagne's Bakery Breaux Bridge, Facebook
Champagne's Bakery Breaux Bridge, Facebook

From what we understand, their famous pink cookies have been a staple of the business since the late 1930s. If you're from St. Martin Parish, you absolutely know what it's all about.

Now, fast-forward to the last few years. Owner Paul Champagne has had to navigate rising costs and the instability of our economic climate. As such, he was forced to close his retail store in Henderson back in July 2022.

When that happened, many fans of the pink cookies were left wondering what would happen to their favorite treat. Champagne was able to keep his family's original location on S. Poydras in Breaux Bridge. But most of the business done there is baking bread and supplying many of the area's restaurants.

Well, that was until Champagne brought back the famous pink cookies and began offering them in handy-dandy bucket form.

Champagne's Bakery Breaux Bridge, Facebook
Champagne's Bakery Breaux Bridge, Facebook

Currently, you can purchase pink cookies at all three Hebert's Supermarket locations (Breaux Bridge and Henderson), Green's in Cecila, all four NuNu's locations, Yabbos in Broussard, and Catin's in Breaux Bridge.

That's great for the business and this amazing product. But fast forward all the way to yesterday when we were all amazed at the video posted on the Champagne's Bakery Facebook page.

The game is about to change for the famous pink cookies.

Here you go:

How cool is this?

As you saw in the video, Champagne says that this is a custom-made, one-of-a-kind cookie vending machine several months in the making.

It will be available for dispensing at the soon-to-be-opened Champagne's To Go! location next door to the bakery on Bridge Street in Breaux Bridge.

We can surely imagine this being a hit -- if anything, just for the fun experience of watching the cookies get dispensed! And the cool thing is they'll be stocked with other varieties of cookies as well.

Champagne's Bakery
Champagne's Bakery

We asked Champagne if we may see more of these cookie vending machines out and about and he affirms that this is the ultimate plan.

He told us, "Yes, we are looking for as many market/grocery stores that want to retail the cookie now, and if there are other types of businesses where the vending machines would be a better fit, that's what we will offer. It's very costly so we are hoping to target high-traffic businesses."

It sure would be fun to see this concept take off and we'd all be able to grab a bucket of cookies anytime we wanted.

Best of luck to the crew at Champagne's Bakery in this new endeavor.

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