The Blake Shelton concert at the Cajundome in Lafayette, Louisiana on Thursday, February 29, 2024, was simply fantastic.

After Emily Ann Roberts and Dustin Lynch warmed up the crowd, Blake played 90 minutes of hit after hit. There were simply no fillers.

Staff Photo
Staff Photo

From what we've gathered from people behind the scenes, Blake usually doesn't introduce the band, like some artists do. But this night, things were a little different.

Many country music fans in the Acadiana area know about a certain member of Blake's band -- drummer Tracy Broussard.

Pearl Drums, Facebook
Pearl Drums, Facebook

While he's been the drummer backing the country superstar for nearly his entire career, he's also from the metropolis of Cankton, Louisiana. And years ago, we gave him the nickname "The King of Cankton."

That name has stuck. He sometimes even gets a crown and scepter.

And last night at the Cajundome, The King got a pretty cool moment when Blake stopped his concert to show some love to his longtime drummer.

It was a bit of love and a bit of a roast. But in true Blake fashion, it was funny as all get up.

Check it out here:

Oh, if you couldn't see, Tracy was wearing a Ragin' Cajuns jersey all night. (He graduated from UL.)

And during the encore, he changed into a throwback Jake Delhomme USL jersey!

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