Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce are undoubtedly 2023's most talked-about couple, but did you know they also inspired one of the top dog names of the year?

According to a survey conducted by pet site Rover.com, "Kelce" is the top trending dog name of 2023 for sports-inspired dog names.

According to Rover.com, "Americans love football-inspired names. Kelce is the No. 1 top-trending dog name in America (up 135%), likely inspired by the Kelce brothers, who faced off at last year’s Super Bowl."

The site adds that "Travis Kelce is also dating Taylor Swift, which may be contributing to the trend."

Meanwhile, Swift herself also inspired one of the year's most popular dog names, with "Taylor" ranking at No. 7 behind the names "Donna," "Ciara," "Cardi," "Steven," "Nelly" and "Harry" on the site's list of most popular music-inspired names.

As for the overall most popular dog names for 2023, "Charlie," "Max" and "Cooper" took the top spots for male dogs while "Luna," "Bella" and "Daisy" were the winning names for female dogs.

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In September, Swift and Kelce sparked dating rumors when the pop star was seen sitting with Kelece's mother, Donna, at a Kansas City Chiefs game.

Since then, the pair have been spotted several times together. Kelce was even seen bonding with Swift's dad earlier this month when he made an appearance at one of Swift's tour stops.

According to reports, Swift and Kelce's parents were supposed to meet for the first time at the Nov. 20 Chiefs game.

However, Swift was unable to attend the game as she had to reschedule one of the concert dates for her tour stop in Brazil.

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