Lily Allen is expanding her career from pop music to feet pics.

That's right, the "F--k You" singer has launched a new OnlyFans account featuring photos of her feet with subscription prices set at just over $10.

The singer and podcast host has reportedly already uploaded at least six pics to the account.

Allen shared the news of her OnlyFans account on her Instagram Story recently.

"She's done it! What is this going to do to my algorithm?" she joked, per Daily Mail.

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The "Smile" singer first got the idea after her pedicurist told her she had nice feet. She shared the story on her Miss Me? podcast last week.

"I have a lady that comes and does my nails, and they informed me that I have five stars on WikiFeet," she revealed on the podcast.

She said the rating is "quite rare."

"My feet are rated quite highly on the internet," she added.

Co-host Miquita Oliver replied, "What the f--k is WikiFeet?"

Allen confirmed that the site is apparently like a "Wikipedia [for] famous people's feet."

"So what kind of money are we talking?" Oliver wondered. "Because I watched Kardashians this week and Khloe Kardashian got offered a million for something to do with her feet."

"She [the pedicurist] said that I could make a lot of money from selling foot content on OnlyFans," Allen nodded. "And I'm like, 'Not no...'"

"Would you leave Miss Me? to just do foot content for OnlyFans?" Oliver asked.

"Yeah," Allen laughed.

Later, she added, "Oh, Miquita, I'm really sorry to tell you you've got three stars [on WikiFeet]. Okay feet."

Fans were amused by the revelation in the comments section of Allen's Instagram.

"Me wishing Lily would release music. Lily [releasing] foot content..." one fan joked.

"I can't say I've heard of wiki feet before this but I just googled Lily Allen wikifeet. I then spent the next 10 minutes looking at her feet. I then deleted my history as it felt weird," another fan laughed.

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