During a stop on her Best F’n Night Of My Life Tour on June 18, pop singer Bebe Rexha was hit by the flying phone of an over-enthusiastic fan.

In a video posted to Twitter, Rexha is performing in a glittery hot pink outfit when a phone comes flying straight for her from off-stage and smacks her in the forehead. She kneels to the ground afterward, seemingly in pain.

"Absolutely great show ruined by a fan throwing their phone at @BebeRexha. Hopefully she is ok after that," the fan tweeted.

The concert was taking place at The Rooftop at Pier 17, an outdoor venue in New York, NY.

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A TikTok showed Rexha being led off stage after the attack as she covered her face with her hand and the crowd chanted her name.

"This is Bebe Rexha being rushed out of the venue after a fan threw a f---ing phone and hit her face as she was leaving the stage. We were all having a hell of a good time, and so was Bebe, we were all having a blast, I mean, who would even do that???" the fan who posted the video wrote in the caption.

"It’s so sad because she’s out here selling tickets to her fans that want to watch the show for $6, and this is how she’s being treated..." someone pointed out in the comments section of the TikTok.

According to a fan's update account on Twitter, Rexha's mom allegedly revealed that the singer was taken to the hospital and received three stitches in her head.

Another TikTok claimed to have reached out to police about the incident and was told that the 27-year-old man who threw the phone was reportedly tracked down and arrested at the show.

The same TikToker also posted footage of the alleged phone-thrower being escorted out of the concert by security.

Just hours before the incident occurred, Rexha had posted on Instagram saying that she was having a great time on tour.

"Not trying to be corny, but I’m definitely having the best f---ing tour of my life," she said.

In an update on Monday (June 19), Rexha uploaded two photos of her injury with a bandage on it, revealing that she has a black eye from the phone hitting her.

"I'm good," she assured fans in her caption. Despite her injury, she gave the camera a thumbs-up and a smile in one of the photos.

Rexha also posted a TikTok where she sang a line from her hit "I'm Good (Blue)" to let fans know that she is okay.

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