Sometimes you just have to kick up your big ol' bear paws and relax with a nice soak.

Bears at Zoo Knoxville in Tennessee are no strangers to water. In fact, they actually have a preference on how they like to take a dip in front of zoo guests.

Finn, a 10-year-old black bear at the zoo, was recently caught on video enjoying a relaxing afternoon bubble bath.

The zoo staff filled up Finn's water area with bubbles for him to playfully dive into while guests watched from the other side of the glass.

In the short video, Finn is seen plunging into the water head first only to pop back up with his face covered in a mass of bubbles.

Finn may look like a small child having fun in a bubble bath, but his weight actually clocks in at a hefty 450 lbs.

According to Zoo Knoxville, Finn is right in the middle in terms of the weight range for North American Black Bears. The species is known to tip the scales up to 600 lbs.

Zoo Knoxville is worth a follow on social media. The facility's staff often posts hilarious videos and photos of its animals.

Most recently, the zoo's chimp were featured in adorable "first day of school" photos.

Zoo Knoxville is located a little more than 100 miles northeast of Chattanooga. in the eastern part of Tennessee.

Besides being one of the best zoo social media follows, the facility is also known for its work with red pandas.

According the the Zoo Knoxville website, more red pandas have been born in Knoxville than any other zoo in the world.

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