An Amazon delivery driver had an unexpectedly and hilariously intense reaction to realizing he was being recorded on a customer's porch.

The funny moment was captured by a Ring security camera and posted to TikTok by the customer.

"When I was simply expecting some supplies for my art business, and instead I was delivered SO much more," the person wrote in the video's caption on TikTok.

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In the video, the Amazon worker stepped onto the porch with packages and was greeted by the security system alerting him that he was being recorded.

"Hi," he innocently replied before adding, "I currently don't care 'cause I'm Amazon!"

He then flexed into the camera.

"Amazon!" he exclaimed again while flexing even more intensely.

In another clip, he held one arm up to flex yet again and dissed FedEx in the process.

"FedEx don't look like this. FedEx ain't built like this," he quipped.

He left the customer and the camera with one more flex for the road before departing.

Watch the TikTok video, below:

In the comments section, viewers were extremely amused by the Amazon driver and shared their own stories.

"The Amazon driver that delivers to my work wears the vest with no shirt underneath," one person shared.

Meanwhile, another person wished that their Amazon driver possessed that much personality.

"I absolutely love this guy has humor. I wish my Amazon driver was like this. Lol," they wrote in the comments section.

"This needs to be an Amazon commercial," someone else said.

"Amazon, give this man a raise," one person petitioned.

A FedEx driver even gave his rebuttal in the comments.

"As a FedEx driver, yeah we ain't paid enough to be built well lmao," he said.

One person noted that the woman "ordered the entertainment package."

"I need to figure out how to order it again," the woman replied.

"He delivered your package and served looks," one viewer joked.

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