One of the coldest cases in U.S. history was the 1962 homicide of Mary Horton Vail who was the first wife of convicted murderer and accused serial killer, Felix Vail. The murder stayed unsolved for over 50 years. It has intrigued law enforcement, prosecutors, and people who love true crime stories for over five decades.

It finally caught up to Felix Vail in August 2016. He was accused of killing his 22-year-old wife while the two were aboard his small boat on the Calcasieu River after dark on the evening of Oct. 28, 1962.

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In August of 2016, a jury in Lake Charles, Louisiana found him guilty of the murder. Felix Vail who is now 79 years old was sentenced to life in prison and is currently serving his sentence at Angola State Prison in Louisiana.

Emmy-winning journalist and Lake Charles-based investigative reporter and news anchor, Rhonda Kitchens has just released a book about Felix Vail. She describes how she was able to get that exclusive interview with Vail that no other reporter in the United States could get.

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Her website said,

Kitchens secured the “get” that no one else could — a conversation with, and answers from, convicted wife-killer and suspected serial killer Felix Vail.

Felix Vail has long been considered an “ungettable”



News stations and publications from across the U.S. spent over 50 years trying to get Felix to talk about the death of his wife, Mary and the disappearances of two other women in his life. The Ungettable tells the story of a hometown journalist that spent two years gaining Vail’s trust and the two hour face to face meeting that took place behind bars at Angola State Penitentiary.

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Kitchens has been out in Southwest Louisiana signing copies of her book. If you are not from the Southwest Louisiana area, you can order your copy on her website It is such an interesting read, especially for you true crime fans.

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