After teasing the return of his famed show Making The Band last week, Diddy made the announcement on Monday (July 15) that he does indeed intend to reboot the competition show.

The rapper/entrepreneur broke the news in an introspective video, revealing he'd once again be partnering with MTV. “Myself and MTV, we created something special,” he reminisced in the clip. “We empowered young talent from all over the world. You know, no matter what hood they was from, no matter what background they was from, everybody got a chance. If they could sing, if they could rap, if they could dance, they could show their talent.”

"You can’t recreate happiness… No sleeping in the trophy room," he continued. "You have to be ready to do new things and change the game. And so I’ve been thinking over the last week, when I was riding horses and I was hiking, and I was like, 'What would I really love to do, man? What would really inspire me right now? It’s bringing Making the Band back. Making the Band 2020. I really wanna do this! I really think that I would have a good time.' And I really think, no I know that I’m gonna build the biggest band in the world! So it’s official. Decision’s made. Making the Band 2020 is back."

He then revealed that he'd be launching a global talent search to find contestants for the revival's first season. Watch the full announcement below.

Making The Band originally aired between 2000 and 2009, with Diddy taking the reins in its second season. The show produced notable acts including O-Town and Danity Kane.

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