Today is National Burger Day!  That means all around the United States, American citizens are celebrating the magnificent hamburger!  It doesn't matter if you like yours grilled outside over a fire in the backyard or made in the kitchen of your favorite burger joint - today is the perfect excuse to indulge!

Not only will tons of burger-heads be celebrating with you today, but quite a few restaurants will be offering special National Hamburger Day deals as well.  The Thrillist is reporting that Dairy Queen is offering a free burger with the purchase of a shake or malt, and Jack in the Box is offering a Buy One Get One Deal on their burgers.

There are a lot more restaurants that are offering these "holiday" deals, but not so many that I can find that are in our immediate area.  Some restaurants in our area are offering non-burger related specials, but that's not exactly what we're looking for - although I appreciate Applebee's effort with the $1 margaritas!  Check out the entire list of freebies and deals for what should be a Federal holiday here.

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