Are women getting a raw deal in the marketplace? The “pink tax” is a term applied to the price difference between objects for women and the same objects marketed to men. Women’s razors, deodorants and shampoos cost more than the same items when they’re branded and marketed for men. Is there a real difference in the product?

OK, a woman’s razor might be pink. Does that mean it should cost a dollar more? When I get a haircut, it costs about 20 bucks, including tip. When my fiancé gets a cut and color, it’s somewhere in the neighborhood of $100. Women’s clothes are priced drastically higher than men’s. Feminine hygiene products aren’t considered necessities. Seriously?? They are, therefore, subject to sales tax.

Research indicates products marketed to women cost anywhere from 7% to 13% more than the same items marketed to men. The situation is exacerbated by the fact that women often get paid less for doing the same work as men. Is it a raw deal? Draw your own conclusions.

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