Have you heard that the "right" side of a hurricane is the worst?

With all the talk about hurricanes as of late due to the recent storm activity, we figured this might be a question you had. The video from NOLA.com answers the question, and also goes into detail about why.

Essentially, the answer is "yes", one side is worse than the other. The right side of a hurricane is the worst, but the "right" side might not be what you think.

It all depends on which direction the hurricane is moving. If, on a map, it's moving straight up, then the right side is how you would picture it. However, if it's moving west, the right side will then be on top.

The way it's broken down in the video is as if you're looking at a clock, the worst part of the storm will always be between 12 and 3. The clock can shift positions, though. It can tilt one way or another.

Also, if you're into math, if the storm is moving straight up on a map, has 90 miles per hour winds and is moving at 10 miles per hour, then the right side of the hurricane will have 100 miles per hour winds. The left side will have 80 miles per hour winds.

The more you know!

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