Journey has been one of the most durable bands in Rock 'n Roll, despite internal turmoil, and multiple personnel changes. They've sold 48 million albums in the US alone. Guitarist Neal Schon, and bassist Ross Valory are the only remaining original members. Band members have been slugging it out lately, blasting one another in social media. Variety reports, Schon was furious when he learned, after the fact, three members of the band visited the White House. Schon claims neutrality toward the president. He says the band had agreed not to take public stands about politics and religion. Keyboardist Jonathan Cain's Wife is a Florida televangelist. He claims to bring Jesus onstage when performing. The band has broken up once before. Steve Perry made the unilateral decision to dissolve Journey in 1987, reaching out to reform the band years later. When Perry delayed a decision on surgery to repair a hip injury, the tour in support of Journey's Trial By Fire album was scrapped. The band continued without him, hiring Steve Augeri to replace him. Current lead singer Arnel Pineda was brought onboard in 2007. The band's first album with Pineda, "Revelation," peaked at #5 on the Billboard album chart, and sold 5 million copies. Things between Schon and Pineda have reportedly become particularly heated. Schon vows the band won't continue using the name Journey without him. This could end up in court.


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