You already knew the magnolia is the state flower of Louisiana, but do you know what will happen to you if you pick one?

While some believe it is illegal to pick state flowers, this is really only true of state flowers growing on state property. You're free to pick a state flower anywhere else in a state, though you'll probably get in trouble if you trespass on private property to do so.

That means you are safe if picking and collecting magnolias here in Louisiana. Just be sure you watch for bees first!

Here are some other facts about magnolias:

  • designated the state flower in 1906.
  • the magnolia tree is popular around the world because of its fragrant leaves and big, leathery leaves.
  • Magnolia trees feed squirrels, opossums, quail, and turkey and its leaves, fruit, bark and wood have extracts used in some pharmaceuticals.
  • Magnolia wood is often used in furniture - making and other woodwork.

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