According to a report, authorities in Indiana say that a married couple was arrested after both of them were involved in drunk driving accidents. The husband allegedly got into a drunken car crash of his own and then called his wife, who drove to the scene drunk and crashed into her husband - totaling both vehicles.

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The report says that 56-year-old Donald Rickets was driving down an Indiana highway on Monday evening when he crossed the center line and hit a tractor trailer. Rickets called his wife, Cheral Rickets, who drove to the scene of the crash before police arrived.

The wife then crashed into her husband's vehicle, totaling both cars.

Authorities found out Cheral had a BAC of .22% and her husband, Donald, had a BAC of .28%. This puts both of them well over the legal limit.

Drunk Driving
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Drinking and driving is never a laughing matter, especially when innocent people get involved in a crash like in this case.

But, there is some sense of poetic justice behind this married couple getting arrested for simultaneously driving drunk. I guess you can figure that if the husband wouldn't have been driving drunk in the first place, the wife wouldn't have ended up in jail.

Still, these two adults made decisions to get behind the wheel of a car when inebriated and are paying the price for it in the form of two arrests and two totaled cars.

Please, do not drink and drive.

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