I'm so over the "IN TOW" caravans holding up traffic on I10.  It’s an oh-so-familiar sight. You know, the 3-5 cars chained together with "IN TOW" spelled out with painter's tape on the back window of the last car in tow. They're holding up traffic going 10 miles an hour on the interstate where the speed limit is 70. I can see the frustration on every driver's face as I pass them and know I am not alone. Traffic literally barely moved the other day while I was on I10. I seriously thought there was an accident ahead causing the slow-down. No, it wasn’t an accident. It was actually 4 vehicles linked together in tow going MAYBE 20 miles an hour. And then another, and then another, and then another. There were approximately 16 vehicles being towed all following each other on I10. Yes, they were in the right lane, but that is still a problem.

Facebook, Don Liles
Facebook, Don Liles

These are the questions I have:  What is the minimum speed on I10?, All I know is there has to be some kind of law for this. Shouldn’t it be illegal?  I’m not trying to discriminate or pick on anyone. I just think this is a serious problem on I10 that needs to be addressed. In a place where we have a law for everything, it seems like this one got overlooked. I honestly don’t care where the cars come from, where they are going, or why. I just know a 30-minute trip should not take an hour if it can be prevented.


This is the only information I could find regarding minimum speed limit and towing:

Minimum Speed Limit: I. No person shall operate a motor vehicle at such a slow speed as to impede the normal and reasonable movement of traffic. '32:64(B)

Minimum Speed Limit: (continued) II. A person, who is operating a motor vehicle on a multilane highway at less than the normal speed of traffic, shall drive in the right-hand lane then available for traffic. '32:71(B)(1) III. A person, who is operating a motor vehicle on a multilane highway at a speed slower than 10 MPH than the posted speed limit, shall drive in the right-hand lane than available for traffic or as close as practicable to the right-hand curb or edge of the roadway. '32:71(B)(2)

Other: I. No person shall operate a freight carrying vehicle upon a highway >55 MPH. Exceptions: Such vehicles may not be driven (1) >70 MPH on interstate or controlled-access highways or (2) >65 MPH on multi-lane divided highways. '32:62(A) II. No person shall tow a mobile home at a speed >45 MPH.3 The State is authorized to increase this limit. '32:62(B) III. Except for tow trucks, no person shall tow a vehicle at a speed >45 MPH. '32:62(C) IV. No person shall operate a school bus, which is carrying children, at a speed >55 MPH.4 '32:62(D) V. A vehicle carrying a precast fiberglass swimming pool shall not be operated at a speed >45 MPH. '32:387.3(A) VI. A person shall not operate a log loader at a speed >40 MPH. '47:502.1(B)


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