You know, it just doesn't seem right that in a country that boasts loudly about our right to freedom of speech that your livelihood could be taken away from you for speaking freely. But, such is the case in Louisiana. In fact, only a handful of states provide employees blanket protection to publicly voice their political beliefs. Louisiana isn't one of those states.

In fact, private employers can fire you for any reason or no reason if they so choose. And no, there is very little recourse you can take. As long as your dismissal is not based on a cause that is lawfully prohibited such as race, religion, et al, then the boss man or woman can cut you loose like a casino riverboat in a hurricane. And there is no guarantee that an interstate bridge will be there to catch you in the chaos.

Just to be clear, I am not speaking of you committing any crimes during a political rally. I am telling you that Louisiana law is so pro-employer that you could be dismissed just for voicing your support for a particular candidate or cause. Granted, most employers would not use politics as a reason to terminate an employee. That could lead to a backlash from other customers or clients.

So, while we encourage you to be active in your community and let your voice be heard on the people and policies that you believe in, just know you're not protected in your job if you choose to do so.

Oh, and remember this, there is always a camera on you. No, it might not be a security or surveillance camera but in this day and age where everyone has a phone with a camera, if you're making a scene, someone is recording it.

And if you think this kind of legislation is wrong, contact your local and state representatives. Just know that when your monetary donation reaches the same level of donations made by businesses and employers in the state, you might be heard a little. But up until then remember money talks and well, you're fired.

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