That's what's happening to this little boy: his family doesn't have enough money to bury his father.

Ahmad Jackson, from Jeanerette, was killed in a car crash on April 11th when a driver made an illegal left turn in front of Ahmad's vehicle. Now the family needs help with funeral expenses.

You probably don't know Ahmad or his son Kaiden or Kaiden's mom Amber, but they could certainly use your help right now.

If everyone reading this were to donate just $1 by clicking on the link below,  Ahmad's burial could take place, and the family can have closure and begin the process of healing.

There will also be a BBQ plate lunch fundraiser this Saturday from 1-4p at Nunia's Bar on the By-Pass in Abbeville to help this little boy bury his father. The plate lunches will be $10. All proceeds will help with the burial expenses.

If you can't give, please consider sharing the link to help. Even if you can give, be certain to give the link a share!



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