After catching heat from Future earlier this month, Wendy Williams has now caught the wrath of Iggy Azalea, who responded to the media personality after she made some comments about the rapper's conflict wit rapper Bhad Bhabie, Iggy's body and what she perceives to be a faux-Black accent.

Iggy let loose her Williams-directed tweets earlier today (Nov. 20). "Imagine having to FUCK Wendy Williams," Iggy tweeted. "Like you gotta hear her moan and put a titty in your mouth."

In the first tweet, Iggy included a gif of the moment where Williams passed out while rocking a Statue of Liberty costume in 2017.

In another tweet, Iggy continues throwing jabs at Iggy by poking fun at her appearance. “I guess I just feel like if you’re pushing 60 without ever having lived an entire year on this planet where we could deem you attractive let alone a serve with a voice that would make any dick soft – you should keep it a whole lot cuter on certain commentary," Iggy wrote in a now deleted series of tweets.

Iggy's comments come in response to Williams implying that the Australian rapper fakes what she feels like is a Black accent and that the rapper had gotten butt and breast implants. Williams made those comments during the Hot Topics segment of The Wendy Williams Show. For that particular episode, Williams discussed the moment rapper Bhad Bhabie chucked a drink at Iggy during Cardi B's Fashion Nova event last week.

"Isn't she from Australia? When did she develop a 'blaccent'?" Williams began last week. "She probably bought that at the same place she bought her booty and her boobs. Oh please, that is a coin well spent.

During that same episode, Williams also made time to claim that Iggy, who is 28, is too old to be in a back and forth with Bhad Bhabie, who is 15. She did, however, go on to praise Iggy's looks.

"I think Iggy Azalea is beautiful," Williams said.

Check out some of Iggy Azalea's Wendy Williams-directed tweets below. See Williams' initial comments about Iggy in the video beneath that. It starts at around the four minute mark.

iggy tweet
iggy tweet

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