Woman looking crazy.

We all forget. We all feel terrible when we forget. We all hate to be reminded and reprimanded when we have forgotten but today, Forget about it! If ever there was a holiday that was designed for the male of the species this would be that day.

This holiday gives all of us the chance to wipe the slate clean and in one fell swoop start over with those that we have annoyed with our inability to remember their insignificant facts, figures, assignments, requests, birthdays, anniversaries, carpools, fire extinguishers, hospital procedures, and phone numbers.


Today is I Forgot Day: According to one website it is simply a day to make good with an apology for anything you may have forgotten in the past year. It is hoped that the those on the receiving end of your apology can rise to your level and accept the fact that you are coming clean and they should be honored to have you has a friend, lover, companion, or co-worker.

I am not surprised that our nation's lawmakers don't make this a national day of forgiveness. Just think of all the campaign promises they have forgotten over the past year. Think of all the times they needed to apologize but didn't. This could be their day and your day to do better.

Let's make today a day that we all kiss and make up and if you happen to kiss someone you aren't married to then you can simply utter the phrase, I forgot. After all sometimes it's easier to ask for forgiveness than it is to ask for permission.

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