Hunter Hayes is releasing more material from his music series, Pictures; his latest song is the energetic, Hayes-stamped love anthem, "This Girl."

Co-written by Jordan Schmidt, Andy Albert and Jessie Jo Dillon, "This Girl" reveals a casual, breezy tone fans have come to expect from Hayes when he's singing about love.

"My paradise is that bedhead beauty with the sleepy eyes / My best night is anyone that ends with her / Yeah, I swear that I'd trade everything I'd change / You could take it all away / Long as I get to love this girl," he swoons in verse two.

Though the song doesn't sway from Hayes' usual style, the project he's releasing the song through is a first for the 26-year-old artist. "This Girl" is part of the Hayes venture Pictures, which is a mini-movie series spearheaded by the Louisiana native. The series began in November and was scheduled to have three installments (with three different songs). The first two, "You Should Be Loved" and "More" have already been released and juxtapose the extremes of love in a music video-esque format. However, instead of a traditional music video, there is dialogue between actors and breaks throughout the song to elaborate the stories.

Though the song has been released, fans await the official installment of "This Girl," which will finish the series. Shortly after the series is completed via online releases, Pictures will come together in its entirety at a Regal Cinemas in Nashville on Feb. 14 (Valentine's Day), 2018.

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