After a stranded swimmer was pulled out in the tide in Florida, more than a dozen people came together with one goal in mind, to rescue her.  More than a dozen people formed a human chain and fought the rough tide to rescue a woman.

A little girl was pulled out in the tide and a woman swam out to save her. Thankfully, she was able to. There was another woman that tried to go out to rescue the girl but she got stuck in a current.

Here is how beach-goers joined forces and went into rescue mode, according to FoxNews. Briana Stelmachers was vacationing with her family at the Emerald Isle Resort in Panama City Beach on Wednesday when they heard a woman screaming for help. I can’t imagine the instant fear that filled everyone around. Briana’s husband, Ryan, immediately took a raft and tried to rescue the woman. The surf was so rough that he wasn’t able to get to her. He just couldn’t get past the strong forces of the gulf. Imagine his frustration and panic. Ryan described the effort as “one step forward and three steps back.” He added that it was the worst current he’d ever seen. That’s when dozens of people came together across the beach to form a human chain and reach out into the water.

Briana told WMBB, “So once my husband got out there, and I saw they were struggling, you know I kind of panicked but you know the strangers held my daughter and watched my son while I could help and everyone got back in safe."

Loredana Lupei recorded the rescue and posted the video to Storyful. The video is so touching as it shows people cheering after everyone was safely returned back to shore.

People came from all over the beach and held hands in the water. It was really powerful." - Loredana Lupei

The beach had a ‘Single Red’ flag, which was upgraded to ‘Double Red’ which indicates the danger of swimming. Beach safety officials told WMBB that although the human chain was successful in this instance, they discourage the practice as it could lead to more people being dragged out.

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