It's summer in Louisiana, and we all know what that means. And if you're like me, you've kind of been wondering what the heck is going on this year. It seems like the "warm" weather ramped up to "hot" weather rather quickly, even for Louisiana. So if you are really feeling the heat, just think about what it would be like if you were wearing a fur coat during these scorching hot months. We've got a few tips from the Arizona Republic, via USA Today to keep your furry friends safe during a heatwave. I've also added in a few favorites of my own (having lived in the south for the majority of my life).

  • Always test the pavement before going for a walk. If it's too hot for you, it's too hot for them
  • Try walking close to sunrise or sunset, temperatures are much more tolerable
  • Try to keep Fido indoors as much as possible during the heat of the day. They too can experience sunburn, dehydration, and heat exhaustion, just like us
  • If you absolutely must leave your pet outside for hours on end, try putting out a wading pool filled with water so that they can jump in when they're hot. We get a new baby pool every summer just for this purpose!
  • If you are taking a long walk, bring some water and possibly a few snacks for your dog as well
  • Don't take Fido to run errands with you, then leave him in the car. Even for a few minutes
  • Know the signs of heatstroke, and act immediately. If you see excessive panting, wobbling, or muscle tremors, get help. Heatstroke can be very deadly to your furry friends.


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