Getting to and from work each day in Acadiana can be a pain in the....well, you know what. Add to that the fact that school is back in session, and you're hopefully playing defense.

For some kids, they went back to school last week, and for others, they are getting back to classes this week. Whether you are already watching out for our kids, or you haven't really thought much about it this year, a few good reminders never hurt any driver.

Here are some suggestions from Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry,

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Being cautious is a good thing to do. 

See this caterpillar? He's in no hurry; you shouldn't be either. If you want to be a nicer person, then be a nicer driver. One easy way to be a nice driver is to be cautious and pay attention to areas where kids might be present. Whether you drive through a school zone or you are near an area where kids typically hang out, remember to drive through that area cautiously. Slow down, don't change lanes, and put your phone away while you're driving.

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Try to be nice, or you could end up getting a ticket.

You have to stop for school buses that have their lights on and their stop signs out if you are following a bus or there is not a divided highway. You have to stop for a bus in the opposite direction if there is only one lane of traffic in each direction. If you're traveling in the opposite direction of the bus and the road is divided by a continuous turning lane or median, you don't have to stop. Remember to be nice and wait for kids because it's about their safety, not your inconvenience.

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Be safe when it comes to dropping off and picking up your children.

You may think it is easier to drop your kids off across the street so you don't have to get into the traffic at the school, but it's not a good idea. If you're going to drop your kids off at school be sure to remind them to be aware of their surroundings at all times. If they do have to cross the street, it's advised that you go with them.

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Always watch the roadway and not your phone.

Whether you are driving through a school zone or a neighborhood, keep your eyes on the road and not your phone. The main goal of driving is driving, not communicating over social media.

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Everyone needs to obey traffic laws.

Don't speed, especially in a school zone. Kids may not be paying attention, and it's up to you to keep them safe. If the sign reads, "No Parking" then don't park in that area. You are required by law to yield to pedestrians in school zones. If a sign reads, "No parking" then this applies to everyone, including you.

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Teach your kids about safety.

Make sure you teach your kids about how to be safe when they are around traffic. Remind them to look both ways when crossing the street. Let them know that they must obey anything the crossing guards ask them to do.

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