The Rolling Stones' FacebookTwitter and official app have been counting down to #StartMeUpWednesday for the past several days. What's going on? Speculation is rampant they'll announce a summer tour of North America. The band is celebrating its 50th anniversary.  They've reportedly signed a deal with concert promoter AEG for 18 North American tour dates at 4 to 5 million dollars per show. The best tickets will likely be priced between five and six hundred dollars.
I caught their 40th anniversary tour when they stopped in Atlanta. I must must say, it was a spectacular show, and a memorable experience. I also caught the Stones' "Voodoo Lounge" tour at the Superdome in 1994. The radio station at which I was working carried the show live. It was really exciting!

The manner  in which Wednesday's announcement will be made hasn't been clarified. The Bridges To Babylon tour was announced with Mick driving the band across New York's Brooklyn Bridge to a big press conference. Last year's dates were announced in a press release.

They're booked for the Glastonbury Festival on June 29th, will play London's Hyde Park this summer. Add European dates may be booked. Will this be the last Hurra for the Rolling Stones? It seems like we've been asking that question for 20 years.


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