Mardi Gras is a big deal in South Louisiana, especially in New Orleans.

Since Mardi Gras is right around the corner I started to wonder how many times the festivities surrounding Mardi Gras have been canceled in New Orleans.

I was actually surprised to learn that Mardi Gras has only been canceled 14 times out of its 163-year history. And each time the festivities were shut down it was for a good reason, like war or disease.

New Orleans Celebrates Mardi Gras
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Here are the times Mardi Gras was canceled in New Orleans:

1862-1865- Cancelled due to the Civil War

1875- Cancelled due to Reconstruction

1879- Only Rex rolled on Mardi Gras this year due to Yellow Fever

1918- Cancelled due to WWI

1919- Cancelled due to the Spanish Flu

1942-1945- Cancelled due to WWII

1951- Cancelled due to the Korean War

1979- Cancelled due to the conflict between the New Orleans Police Department and Mayor Ernest Morial. It was a tale as old as time, the police wanted a salary increase and the mayor refused to give in. So the police department decided to strike right before Mardi Gras Day which caused the celebration to come to a stop.

2020- Cancelled due to the Covid pandemic

New Orleans Celebrates Mardi Gras
Photo by Chris Graythen/Getty Images

Let’s be honest, while Mardi Gras was technically canceled during these years people took it upon themselves to have their own celebrations.

The world and life, in general, can try to steal our joy and celebrations but the people of New Orleans have never let them win. They have always found a way to find joy and celebrate the season in any way they can.

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