What turns a good idea into a bad idea? In the world of marketing that conundrum is usually based on the “court of public opinion”. The problem with the court of public opinion is that it regularly decides issues on improper data, perceived issues, or even worse a global event, pandemic, or world crisis, aligns the product with some unspeakable horror. Just ask the manufacturers of the appetite suppressant candy Ayds what happened to them.

Now let’s go further down that rabbit hole and try to market products to kids. There’s a sample size that is always changing and can be influenced by something as major as a new movie or something as simple as the catchphrase from a suddenly popular television character. That’s just how quirky the playing field can get when it comes to food choices aimed at kids and in particular breakfast cereals.

In the world of successful breakfast cereals, the marketer has to come up with a catchy gimmick or packaging or character connection that instantly makes kids gravitate toward it. Oh, there’s also the appeal to Mom especially and every now and then a well-intentioned father that is actually concerned about what ingredients make up that cereal and just how much freaking sugar is included in every ADD inducing spoonful.

Here’s a look at ten infamous breakfast cereals that let’s just say, seemed like a good idea at the time but unfortunately could not stand the test of time. If you're a fan of breakfast cereals from the not too distant past, check out this YouTube Channel. It's called Cereal Time TV and the host is clearly a fan of these important parts of a complete breakfast.

Do You Remember These 10 Breakfast Cereals?

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