How is moonshine made and how does it taste?  Down south, it's still being made and it's still being consumed.

It's know as moonshine, white lightning, mountain dew, hooch, or Tennessee white whiskey and poorly produced, it can be contaminated usually from the materials used in the process.  People often use automobile radiators as condensers which is dangerous because of the antifreeze residue left behind.  Lead can also be found in old radiators.

To make moonshine you need corn meal, sugar, water, yeast and malt.

Mix all ingredients together in a large container. After mixing, move the mixture, called "mash," into a still and leave it to ferment. How quickly this process occurs depends on the warmth of the mash.

Heat the mash to the point of vaporization at 173 degrees. The mash will produce a clear liquid, often the color of dark beer. You must watch this process with careful attention.

Trap vapor using a tube or coil. The vapor will be transferred into a second, empty container. The resulting condensation is the moonshine.

Keep mash in container. It is now called 'slop'. Add more sugar, water, malt, and corn meal and repeat the process.

Repeat the process up to eight times before replacing the mash.

Moonshine tastes like a very strong liquor.  It has quite a kick.  I don't know how airplane fuel tastes, but moonshine done right could at least start a lawnmower.  It's clear like vodka, but not nearly as smooth as Grey Goose, lol.

[Via:  Wikipedia/Yahoo]

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